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I'm a nature and sports photographer that enjoys the challenges of photographing moving subjects and showing them in their best light.  I call myself a fair-weather photographer, because I'll be the first to tell anyone that I'm taking photos for me on my terms.  

I do  teach photography on occasion, so  if you get a new camera and want to make the most of it let me know.  I'll evaluate your current skill level will provide drills or the instruction necessary to improve your images or maybe help with improving the number of keepers you take on an outing.   Photography skills are mostly acquired through practice, but the quality of the practice can be improved greatly with a little discipline.  

I go to ski and surf contests to take photos because the participants love what they do.  Trying to stop those moments that most people cannot see because they happen so fast is fun until I get bored and find something else to try to capture.   

If I happen to sell photos from an event, I'll admit I mark it on my calendar for the next time the event is scheduled.  Any money earned  goes towards additional photography equipment.  I do appreciate the support.  I shoot all Canon and should really buy some stock in that company.  If I had bought Nikon first, I would shoot Nikon though. 

I was born and raised in the South Carolina Lowcountry.   Showing the local area's unique natural beauty is a blessing.  Everyone should visit sometime if they can.

I'm a weekend warrior photographer and I do think of my Saturday and Sunday mornings out making images as a job, although the usual pay is the experience of getting out and seeing something new or taking some cool photos of something again.

I like to take the photos in the morning and process them in the afternoon. I find I can learn more that way, while the outing is fresh my mind.

If you see a subject you like, but want to see more of it let me know.  Know of a subject that you don't see and I can fix that too.  Check out my blog to see where I share what I have learned.  www.carymc.com 

Thanks for  visiting my site and taking a look at my work.   I have more fun making my images than you do viewing them. 

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