Event Package pricing Available - Cary McDonald Nature & Sports Photography

Sports or event package for purchases for a limited time only, maybe?

SALE! SALE! SALE! For the sports and some other events, if you purchase $60 in file downloads in a single purchase! (3-6 IMAGE DOWNLOADS, depending on current site pricing.) I will send you a password to download the rest of the images, of yourself, or your family members, with no further cost for that event. personal use only. (At my earliest convenience, I'll send the password evenings or weekends, hobby folks.)

I really appreciate the support.  I doubt I'll ever sell enough to cover the cost of my lenses, but at least those don't wear out as fast.   But they do have to be sent in for repair or cleanings after certain events, like MX.  

Offering this "support special pricing" for the sports events because they are expensive, time consuming and equipment wear and tear. Events around dirt, mud or water require more gear maintenance and work. Events are also requiring more frequent equipment replacement. For example, I can easily take 2,000 photos per day, or event, and a professional camera is rated at 200,000 actuations or shutter counts. (Photos taken before camera is prone to implode.) I have one camera with over 240,000 shots on it already, but I cannot afford to replace it, so soon I may have to give up shooting the action sports when my "borrowed time" camera fails.

The password will be good for a month, or so, and subject to change. I would appericate if everyone put a comment on each image you download, why you like it, and if you use the images on social media, please tag me give photo credit.

Images downloaded are for personal use only, not for use in advertising or product promotions or for display on social media with sponsorship acknowledgements or endorsements. Those should be paid for individually and with my prior approval and are subject to higher pricing.

Except for the event organizations that let me take the photos. They can request images for their use on social media.

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